Laboratoire de Mécanique des Contacts et des Structures

A joint research unit UMR5259 of the INSA Lyon and the CNRS, the role of LaMCoS is to carry out research on understanding and controlling the behavior of mechanical structures and systems by studying their interfaces.

We innovate to improve understanding of fundamental phenomena to anticipate major societal challenges and respond to technological problems in the fields of Transport, Energy, Health, Biomedicine, Sport and Machine Tools.

An overview of the scientific results of the laboratory

  • Validation of the hybrid modular model: Comparison of tooth pressure with an EF model for thin-walled gears (source: CIFRE Safran Helicopter Engine...
  • Study of losses in transmission belts
  • Package drop test: forces on the protected object and energy distribution
  • Hybrid vibration control
  • Optimisation of the shape and position of the ribs of an aircraft wing loaded in bending at constant mass. Compliance reduced by 80%
  • Bio-tribology for the prevention, diagnosis and early treatment of pathologies
  • Equivalent stress field generated by a rolling contact on a heterogeneous viscoelastic mass
  • Study of plasticization in a micro-pillar of pure silica
  • Velocity vectors in a carotid artery in healthy and pathological cases
  • Elasto-Visco-Plastic Buckling of Thick Shell [Jacquet et al. 2021]
  • Example of a multiparametric digital twin for welding (PhD by Y. LU, AREVA-SAFRAN-LAMCOS Chair)
  • Control of rotating machinery supported by Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB)
  • Shear angles during thermoforming of thermoplastic prepregs Experimental-simulation comparisons
  • Multiscale topological optimisation (PhD by T.Djourachkovitch)
  • Multiscale topological optimisation (PhD by T.Djourachkovitch)
  • <a href='./files/apercu_deroulant/pdf/12_EN.pdf'>Textured cylinder-liner surface</a>
  • Finite element simulation of the ballooning of a Zircaloy-4 sheath under conditions simulating a LOCA. Several physics involved, including elasto-v...
  • <a href='./files/apercu_deroulant/pdf/11_EN.pdf'>'Measurement' of pressure spike & lubricant rheology</a>
  • Rotating machine on active magnetic bearings
  • Nonlinear dynamics of on-board structure equipped with elastomer mounts
  • Silent wheel: Identification and control
  • 2dof electromagnetic generator for railway applications
  • Mesoscopic analysis of the compaction of a 3D reinforcement Experimental-simulation comparisons
  • <a href='./files/apercu_deroulant/pdf/13_EN.pdf'>Pressure distribution between an oil control ring and a textured liner</a>
  • <a href='./files/apercu_deroulant/pdf/10_EN.pdf'>Efficient multigrid FE solver</a>
  • LaMCoS 's DataCenter
  • Deformations of the vascular structure under the effect of inserted tools (M. Menut PhD)
  • Active control of embedded electronic cards
  • Simulation of rolling contact on an elastic-plastic heterogeneous mass
  • Load passage for a rough contact on a granular mass and illustration of the maximum shear stress
  • Rotor demonstrator on PMA
  • Contact spalling
  • Pressure perturbations due to an indent crossing a contact
  • Thermal memory effect
  • Understanding the early detection of bearing defects in non-stationary conditions
  • Hybrid vibration control
  • Surface measured with roughness meter (Amplitude ~1 µm, surface size ~ 600 µm x 480 µm)
  • Visco-elastic contact
  • Original electrical application architecture with strong electro-magnetic-mechanical coupling (© Leroy-Somer)
  • Equipex Phare
  • Numerical prediction of flow through a spur gear (Marchesse et al. 2015)
  • Adhesive contact
  • Nonlinear vibrations of M/NEMS resonant sensors
  • Molecular Dynamics simulation of ZDDP effects on friction in nano-scale lubricated contacts
  • Explosion tests carried out at the DGA TN Tourris site
  • Boundary layer in an EHL contact
  • Phonons in a nanocomposite with different elastic contrasts simulated by Finite Elements
  • Advanced Chebyshev expansion for identification on continuous structures
  • Monitoring of Rotating Machines in evolving and unstable environnement: Application to wind turbines
  • Explicit-implicit co-simulation (Zebulon / Europlexus)
  • 3D discrete simulation of wear flow in dry contact
  • Plane stresses in a part subjected to an explicit dynamic impact (source: Jean Di Stasio's Michelin CIFRE PhD)
  • Lipid structures of synovial fluid in healthy and arterial cases
  • Stress at the root of a spiral bevel gear
  • Flange roller-end contact: numerical (FEM) vs experimental (interferometry) values of the lubricant film thickness (Trybogyr)
  • Diagnostic and monitoring of rotating parts in vehicles
  • Distributed piezoelectric sensors for boundary forces measurements
  • Tactile perception
  • Tribological study of a bolted interface subjected to vibration: micro-slip and micro-detachment measured by image correlation
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The last 10 publications of the laboratory

  • Numerical and experimental characterization of high-temperature heat transfer in a ceramic foam with dual-scale porosity
    By : Low, Z. K., Blal, N., Baillis, D.
  • In-situ ultrasonic viscometry of lubricants under temperature and shear
    By : Peretti, G., Bouscharain, N., Dorr, N., Ville, F., Dwyer-Joyce, R. S.
  • Influence of a transmission oil degradation on physico-chemical properties and tribological performance
    By : Duran, Busra, Cavoret, Jerome, Philippon, David, Ville, Fabrice, Ruellan, Arnaud, Berens, Frank
  • Analysis of enhanced heat transfer performance of the functional cage
    By : Wei, Chunhui, Wu, Wei, Wang, Yunduo, Nelias, Daniel, Yuan, Shihua
  • A new constitutive model for salt rock under cyclic loadings based on state variables
    By : Tang, Luxuan, Fan, Jinyang, Li, Zongze, Chen, Jie, Liu, Wei
  • Laun's rule for predicting the first normal stress coefficient in complex fluids: A comprehensive investigation using fractional calculus
    By : Das, Mohua, Rathinaraj, Joshua David John, Palade, Liviu Iulian, McKinley, Gareth H.
    PHYSICS OF FLUIDS - Published : JAN 2024
  • Optimization of energy efficiency and NVH behaviour of a helical gear unit
    By : Ben Younes, Emna, Rigaud, Emmanuel, Perret-Liaudet, Joel, Bruyere, Jerome, Changenet, Christophe
    MECHANICS & INDUSTRY - Published : JAN 22 2024
  • Computational Model of Effective Thermal Conductivity of Green Insulating Fibrous Media
    By : Sankara, Hamidou, Baillis, Dominique, Coulibaly, Ousmane, Coquard, Remi, Naouar, Naim, Saghrouni, Zahia
    MATERIALS - Published : JAN 2024
  • Energy Transfer in Mixed Lanthanides Complexes: Toward High-Performance Pressure Sensors Based on the Luminescence Intensity Ratio
    By : Zhou, Yujiao, Ledoux, Gilles, Bois, Laurence, Pilet, Guillaume, Colombo, Margherita, Jeanneau, Erwann, Lafarge, Lionel, Journet, Catherine, Descartes, Sylvie, Philippon, David
  • Power Loss Analysis of an Oil-Jet Lubricated Angular Contact Ball Bearing: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations
    By : Darul, Lionel, Touret, Thomas, Changenet, Christophe, Ville, Fabrice
    LUBRICANTS - Published : JAN 2024