PhD Vacancies


CIFRE PhD position with VOLVO group about predictive maintenance

The development of new powertrains associated with electromobility solutions leads to an interest in more complex powertrain architectures that potentially integrate a wide variety of sensors. The work envisaged will seek to cross-reference the data from these different sensors (speed, temperature, electrical currents, etc.) in order to c.... More Details

from Tuesday 21 September 2021 to Friday 31 December 2021
Contact : Didier Remond

Thèse de type Institut Carnot Ingénierie@Lyon Projet HYPE - Absorbeurs de vibrations hybrides non linéaires.

Hybridation et pompage énergétique : vers une nouvelle classe d'absorbeurs de vibrations.

Mots-clés : Absorbeurs de vibrations, Dynamique et vibrations non linéaires, Contrôle hybride, Smart structures.

Post Doctoral Vacancies


Écoulement de polymères chargés en fibres dans des buses d’imprimantes 3D

Contact : Pierre Dumont

Shear band and damage formation in soda-lime and boro-silicate glasses in atomic-scale models

The position is focused on developing a molecular dynamics model for shear banding in soda-lime and boro-silicate glasses. The candidate will identify the elementary mechanism responsible for this localization and improve constitutive relationships for a ductile phase-field model. Finally, she/he will determine the material parameters for.... More Details

from Saturday 01 January 2022 to Saturday 31 December 2022
Contact : Gergely Molnar

Brittle to ductile transition in silicate glasses using the phase-field model

The position is focused on the development of a phase-field model to simulate shear banding. The candidate will implement a suitable yield criterion with the phase-field method to model shear bands in soda-lime and borate glasses. She/he will develop a phase-field finite element model for indentation experiments and identify the critical .... More Details

from Saturday 01 January 2022 to Saturday 31 December 2022
Contact : Gergely Molnar