Research Team : Mechanics, lipidomics and engineering for health

In France, more than 20 million patients suffer from chronic diseases (neurological, rheumatological, muscular, cancer, etc.), representing a third of the population. According to the WHO, chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in the world, accounting for more than 36 million deaths every year. These diseases are responsible for a deterioration in the quality of life and independence of individuals, and generate serious complications, incapacity and death. leading to a great deal of mental and physical suffering. These chronic diseases result from external aggressions (mechanical, exposure to dust, exposure to biological pathogens, etc.) and/or internal stresses (poor gene expression, metabolic deregulation, etc.) leading to imbalances bio-mechanical (change in the mechanical properties of tissues) and bio-chemical (cell metabolism) imbalances, leading to an inflammatory and/or degenerative process. These deregulations activate complex pathophysiological mechanisms at different scales. Understanding the biochemical, biological, physico-chemical and biomechanical reactions during chronic pathology is Understanding the biochemical, biological, physio-chemical and biomechanical reactions that occur during a chronic pathology is essential if we are to develop effective therapeutic solutions. To this end, the identification of metabolic and biomechanical deregulations can be used as a target for early diagnosis and/or therapy.

The main objectives of the Mecalips team are to :

  • Understanding pathophysiological mechanisms by studying biological, biochemical and biomechanical disturbances in targeted chronic diseases (from the molecular to the macroscopic scale).
  • Developing new strategies combining biochemistry and biomechanics to detect pathological dysfunctions at an early stage.
  • Developing new strategies for preventing and combating these chronic diseases using bioengineered structured lipids.

The diseases targeted are mainly vascular, neurological, pulmonary and joint diseases.

Manager : Nathalie BERNOUD-HUBAC