MSc Vacancies


Proposal of Master M2 in biomechanics for the second semester in 2024.

Human joints are often a source of major health problems. Their damage following an accident or through wear and tear causes a significant handicap for the quality of life. The method at the heart of this research is part of so-called “non-invasive” diagnostic methods. It is based on the study of vibroacoustic signals comi....
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from Wednesday 25 October 2023 to Sunday 10 December 2023
Contact : Michal Ruzek

Post Doctoral Vacancies


Brittle to ductile transition using the phase-field model

The position is focused on the development of a phase-field model to simulate shear banding. The candidate will implement a suitable yield criterion with the phase-field method to model shear bands in soda-lime and borate glasses. She/he will develop a phase-field finite element model for indentation experiments and identify the critical .... More Details

from Thursday 23 November 2023 to Sunday 31 March 2024 - 12h00
Contact : Gergely Molnar

Stage Vacancies


Stage de Master- projet ANR Cabtive

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from Tuesday 31 October 2023 to Tuesday 17 December 2024
Contact : Simon Chesne

LaMCoS recruits


Thèse de type CIFRE avec SAFRAN Helicopter Engines : Modélisation et validation expérimentale du comportement statique, dynamique et thermique d’une roue libre aéronautique intégrée

Contact : Daniel Nelias

Ingénieur de recherche projet Cabtive

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from Wednesday 08 November 2023 to Wednesday 13 November 2024
Contact : Simon Chesne