Energy control, recovery and exchange : Smart Machine   

The activity focuses on the dynamic behavior of turbomachinery mounted on AMBs: a "Smart" Turbomachine, independent and reliable. AMBs are mechatronic systems that enable action and measurement. Research and work aimed at the development of models and approaches for connected turbomachinery integrating fault detection, diagnostic and corrective actions. With the ability to behave without external intervention, in the presence of a failure, when passing critical speed or instability zones, to modify its characteristics in order to always have the desired behavior.

The approach is both numerical (model development) and experimental.

• Development of adapted non-linear controllers (Defoy Benjamin, thesis 2012),
• Validation of the stability of "embedded turbomachines" in the presence of severe excitations by the base (Jarroux Clément, Thesis 2017).

These theses were realized in partnership with the company Baker Hughes a GE company
Contact : MAHFOUD Jarir