Surveillance and behaviour monitoring : Couplings and new transfer routes   

The monitoring of rotating machinery is opening up to the use of new sensors to improve the performance of diagnostic tools. As part of the studies carried out, we generalised the inclusion of shaft rotation in our models and thus sought to model the new transfer paths to these new sensors. Based on the original bearing models, which translate the transfer of forces between fixed and rotating parts into both force and torque, the first simple meshing models were integrated into a global gearbox model for the detection of bearing faults (J.L Gomez thesis). We have also generalised this approach to the electrical machine model, which is seen as an additional coupling with external electrical quantities (A. Fourati thesis). Two new CIFRE theses (A. Telbani and X. Li) will lead to further development of the models for studying the monitoring performance offered by these alternative responses to the behaviour of rotating machines.