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Latest informations about releases.

  • 13/06/2008 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.65 et CORREL.EXE 4.21
    • Elimination of a bug affecting the incremental calculation in terms of precision, and the X and Y units for Windows PCs with the decimal separator set. on ',' (default French configuration). Thanks to Lydie Deloffre.
    • This version has undergone changes that may potentially affect many functions. It remains for the moment in beta version (odd numbers).
  • 24/01/2008 : CORREL.EXE version 4.20
    • Resolution of a memory write problem due to size overflow of tables for the incremental version. (Thanks to Céline DUC / PSA).
    • SIFA40.EXE version 4.64, includes the possibility to change the marker for the expression the components of the displacement field and the Green Lagrange tensor.
  • 24/09/2007 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.62 et CORREL.EXE 4.18
    • Increase in the number of significant digits in *.res files for improve the accuracy of incremental mode calculations.
    • Official launch of the website :
  • 30/08/2007 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.60 et CORREL.EXE 4.16
    • Changing the CLEAN FILE backup format
    • Calculation of the new Gamma shear angle (for fabrics).
    • Fixed a bug concerning the representation of the isovaleurs on the edges of the calculated domain.
  • 19/02/2006 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.58
    • Correction of a bug that occurred when changing the grid pitch
  • 01/02/2006 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.56 et 01/02/2006 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.56 / CORREL.EXE version 4.14
    • Fixed a bug in the display of results for grid steps of 9 and pattern sizes of 18 for deformation rates close to 35%! (Thanks Patrice).
    • CORREL.EXE version 4.14 : Correction of a bug on the calculation of the displacements in the center of the pattern in incremental version only.
  • 25/11/2005 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.54 et CORREL.EXE 4.12
  • 24/06/2005 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.52
    • Added a function to save result files in the format Universal, Abaqus, Clean File. Accessible from right click on the result in the Analysis module.
  • 17/05/2005 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.51
    • Fixed a bug concerning picking of movements along a line in the analysis module.
    • From this day on, odd-numbered versions will be beta versions.
  • 17/04/2005 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.50
    • Warning : this new version requires the complete uninstallation of the old version. Save the correl.ini file which contains the license numbers, then copy it to the place of the new correl.ini file in the directory c:\program files\Icasoft.
  • 17/04/2005 : CORREL.EXE version 4.10
    • Fixed bug creating result files with ',' instead of '.'.
  • 15/03/2005 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.45
    • Correction of a bug in the display of deformations when using the software. of a grid whose integer part of size divided by two is an odd number (e.g. 15)
  • 05/03/2005 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.45
    • Addition of a CLF parsing tool for CLF when using non-CLF data.
    • Automatic sorting of distorted image file names when setting up the image file. data from a sequence.
  • 01/03/2005 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.45
    • Improvement of the algorithm for finding the automatic starting point. More robust and powerful.
    • The names of the image files saved in the screenshots are named 'field_name_of_the_initial_photo_field-final_photo.bmp' instead of 'photo_initial-photo_final-field_name.bmp' to enable batch processing.
    • The picking of a point can be done by giving the coordinates of the point to the keyboard by by means of a context menu with left mouse click on the calculation area.
  • 13/12/2003 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.44
    • Fixes a bug on the zoom and the image movement when setting the image to the data which led to a fatal error of the type: sifa40.exe generated fatal errors and will be closed by windows ....
    • Improves picking for tracking people.
  • 22/07/2003 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.43, CORREL.EXE version 4.09
    • Fixes a bug reading images whose width is not a multiple of 4
  • 04/06/2003 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.42
    • Fixes a critical long integer, short integer conversion bug in version 4.41
  • 28/05/2003 : SIFA40.EXE version 4.41
    • Improved dynamic memory management: allows to manage images large sizes (> 2048x2048 pixels)
    • Fixed a bug displaying bad deformation rate when using the software. of the
      final->initial option in some particular configurations.