Downloading Icasoft

In this section you will learn how to download the Icasoft installation files.


To download the Icasoft installation files, you must have an internet access. To download the files, you have two options :




Download Icasoft from a web browser

Create a temporary folder C:\temp\Install

Go to the address :

Download the following files in the folder C:\temp\Install (right click and choose "save the target as...") :


Download Icasoft from the prompt command

Create a temporary folder C:\temp\Install

C:\md temp\Icasoft


Go to the folder C:\temp\Icasoft

C:\cd temp\Icasoft


Go to the address :



Once you are connected, you must enter "anonymous" as the login and your email address for the password

Utilisateur <<none>> : anonymous

Mot de passe : MyEMailAdress


Go to the folder Icasoft4.5

ftp> cd Icasoft


Go to the folder setup

ftp> cd setup


Download all the files in the folder

ftp> bin

ftp> mget *.*


Confirm the download

mget SETUP.LST? y

mget setup.exe? y

mget sifa40.CAB? y


Exit the ftp

ftp> quit