Thematic Axis : Neurological diseases   

Neurological diseases represent a major socio-economic challenge, as they are still under-diagnosed and lack effective treatment. These diseases are characterised by changes in lipids that are vital for cognitive capacity. Currently, the diagnosis of neurological diseases requires a multidisciplinary approach: clinical examination, cognitive tests, brain imaging and biomarker analysis. We want to develop an approach at the biochemistry-biomechanics interface for the early diagnosis of these diseases. More specifically, we plan to correlate biochemical disturbances, determined by lipid analysis, with biomechanical disturbances, determined by mechanical tests on samples followed by MRI elastography.

In addition, we are planning to introduce a 'nutritional' therapy, targeting deregulated lipids in particular - supplementation with certain lipids has been shown to be effective, provided it is prescribed early enough. We will be studying changes in the mechanical and biochemical properties of tissues after supplementation with protective lipids.

This area draws on the team's biochemical expertise in the synthesis of neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory lipids capable of specifically supplying the brain with lipids that are deficient in neurodegenerative diseases.