Non-linear vibrations : Friction-induced vibrations, localized nonlinearities   

Friction-induced vibrations (FIV) are ubiquitous in nature (tactile perception, music from bowed stringed instruments, energy release from earthquakes, etc.). They can also have a significant negative effect on the energy efficiency and/or functionality of natural and artificial systems. The aim of this research theme is to unite the efforts of 2 LaMCoS research teams, TMI and DCS, to address emerging issues in the automotive and railway sectors, aerospace, earth sciences, biomechanics and life sciences. The aim is to develop cutting-edge approaches to the study (understanding, modeling and forecasting) of vibrations induced by friction and energy transfer, and to quantify them using objective criteria and indexes, so as to be in a position to propose innovative integrated solutions (through avoidance or control of FIV) to the various fields of industrial application. Research is divided into 2 main areas: one focusing on measurement and testing in the vicinity of the contact zone, the other on design and simulation technologies.
Contact : CHATELET Eric