Multiphysic behaviour of materials under extreme loadings : Numerical aspects for dynamics   

The team aims to shed light on the behavior of structures subjected to violent dynamic loads, right up to material failure.
Associated numerical methods are developed, working for example on
  • fast dynamic schema coupling (sub-domain method)
  • development of SPH fracturing and X-FEM methods for fast-dynamic solids and shells
  • development of specific behavior laws (particularly for ice fracture)
  • fluid-structure interaction under shock (coupling SPH fluid and FEM or SPH structure)
  • co-simulation in fast dynamics for the study of low-energy impacts on composite structures (coupling of explicit/implicit europlexus/zebulon codes, ONERA)
  • the transient dynamic study of overhead crane-type structures (nuclear applications, shipbuilding) under earthquake-type stress (CETIM). These fast dynamics code coupling tools can also take into account cracking phenomena using the XFEM method.
  • model reduction techniques are envisaged to further accelerate fast dynamics simulations