Future PhD Thesis in LaMCoS


 CIFRE PhD position in partnership with EDF Angular modelling of geared mecahnical transmissions for fault monitoringRemond Didier

The objectives of this thesis will be to explore these modeling perspectives as part of a partnership with a leading company in the field to better understand and model the fine nonlinear phenomena that lead to particular dynamic behaviors, such as, for example, for example, modulation phenomena. These behaviors will be expressed on traditional quantities such as vibrations for the fixed part but also by other more original quantities such as the instantaneous speed of rotation.

The interest of these models is also to explore alternative transfer paths through original quantities such as the speed of rotation of the machine. These alternatives have been too little exploited and represent a very interesting potential for the understanding of the phenomena induced on these new quantities. In the case of planetary trains, knowledge of the speed of rotation of the various components will obviously be a decisive element in this understanding. The scientific interest to approach the epicyclic train is to have internal speed information to the device that will allow simulation to better understand the modulation phenomena on the different transfer paths.

In addition, the non-stationary operating conditions, resulting from variable loading and unconventional electrical control during the shutdown phases of the pumps, will also be explored in order to verify the interest of these situations in order to highlight behaviors revealing the presence of default.

 Thèse de type contractuel (Institut Carnot)Velex Philippe