Future PhD Thesis in LaMCoS


 Thèse de type CIFRE

Large-size spinning lubricated contacts

 Thèse de type IDEX \"Ice templating of gels of nanofibrils of cellulose (NFC)for the design of NFC cellular materials\"
  Vibratory and acoustics consequences involved by the tribological behavior of a tubular electric engine mechanical brakeBusquet Magali

Objective is to identify and formulate the self-locking brake dynamic and tribological behavior fitted in roller shutter engines. Determining the origin of vibratory instabilities in the contact will permit to give design rules for quiet brakes new definition

 Thèse de type LabCom AdViTAM : Advanced Vibration Tests for the Analysis of rotating Machines. Qualification of dynamic behavior of on board rotating systems under severe solicitations. PhD thesis advisors : Régis Dufour & Éric Chatelet