Ongoing Post Doc in LaMCoS
Name Subject Final Date Manager Team
Biglione Jordan Simulation et optimisation du procédé d'injection soufflage cycle chaud  08/07/2019 Bereaux Yves MULTIMAP
Bourourou Emna   28/02/2019 Tardif Nicolas MIMESIS
Brunetti Jacopo Energy balance between frictional contact and material deformation, from surface to solid energy dissipation… towards wear and friction control.  31/12/2018 Massi Francesco TMI
Checo Silva Hugo Marcial   31/01/2019 Fillot Nicolas TMI
Dakel M.zaki Comportement dynamique d'un rotor embarqué sous sollicitations paramétriques  31/10/2018 Chatelet Eric DCS
Di Bartolomeo Mariano Conséquences tribologiques des vibrations des contacts induites par le frottement  31/12/2018 Massi Francesco TMI
Guilbert Berengere Hybrid modular models for the dynamic study of high-speed thin -rimmed/-webbed gears  04/01/2019 Velex Philippe SMC
Guzman Maldonado Eduardo   31/08/2018 Hamila Nahiene MULTIMAP
Houara Komba Eymard Reconstitution of tribological accomodation mechanisms for greased high loaded oscillating bearings. Role played by the grease in the competition between surface and subsurface fatigue degradation  31/12/2018 Bou-SaÏd Benyebka TMI
Kriuchevskyi Ivan   31/12/2018 Tanguy Anne MIMESIS
Mahmoudi Saber   31/03/2019 Chesne Simon DCS
Menut Marine Chirurgie endovasculaire virtuelle pour patient-spécifique : application au traitement de l'anévrisme de l'aorte thoracique   31/12/2018 Bou-SaÏd Benyebka TMI
Molnar Gergely   31/12/2018 Gravouil Anthony MIMESIS
Nguyen Khac Long   30/09/2018 Manin Lionel DCS
Perez Matthias   30/09/2018 Chesne Simon DCS
Saint-Aime Loic   18/09/2018 Saulot Aurélien TMI
Ta Anh Tuan   31/08/2018 Colmars Julien MULTIMAP
Tonazzi Davide Interaction between local contact behaviour and global dynamics in frictional contact systems  31/12/2018 Massi Francesco TMI
Zhang Yinyin   30/06/2019 Descartes Sylvie TMI