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The research topics of the Contacts and Mechanical Systems group
are the functional analysis of lubricated systems and
the dynamics of multi body systems.
(enclosed are some illustrations of the subjects under investigation)




Static and Dynamic
study of mechanisms
(gears, rolling element bearings)

Analysis of power losses
in transmissions
(gears, bearings)

 Simulation and analysis
of aerodynamic contacts
(tape-recorder, bearings)



Simulation of lubricated contacts and analysis of
damage mechanisms
(gearboxes, cam/tappet, piston ring, connecting rod/crankshaft, …)

(eye-lens contact, knee or hip prostheses, aortic stent, …)





Simulation of
rough contacts
(liquid leakage through metallic seal)

Analysis of mechanisms
under severe operating conditions
(rolling element bearings, Cryogenics pumps,...)