Activities - Group 'Mechanical Systems and Contacts (SMC)'




Interactions between contacts
and mechanical systems

Dynamic behaviour
of gear transmissions
(simple stage, multi-stages, epicyclic)

Power losses
in gear transmissions
(friction, windage, lubrificant churning,
air-lubricant pumping)

Epicyclic trainsDeformed shape of ring gear
Load distributionDynamic response

Dynamic behaviour of Epicyclic and planetary
gear trains


Analysis and prediction of damage

Functionnal analysis of lubricated contacts

Elastohydrodynamic contacts
with surface defects
(influence of additives)

Lubrication conditions
in elastohydrodynamic systems
(starved contacts, transient conditions)

Lubrication conditions
in aero and hydrodynamic systems
(bearings, thermal aspects)

Bood flow, aortic prosthesis,
lubrication of humans organs
(eyes, knee, hip)


Multi-body Dynamics

Kinematics and dynamics analysis of complex systems
Vehicle and pneumatic dynamic
Bio mechanics
(human modelling)