Activities - Group 'Tribology and Interface Mechanics (TMI)'




The research Topics are based on the identification, analysis and modelling of:

- loads at the interfaces or junctions of mechanical components,

- the response of such interfaces.


The concept of “third body” mechanical modelling identifies how loads are transferred, provides a detailed picture of operating regimes, determines significant scales as well as the mechanical and physicochemical couplings that must be accounted for when the environment governs flows in the interfacial medium. The combined experimental and theoretical model approach permits the reconstruction of local phenomena, exaggeration of the influence of factors likely to play a significant role and the identification of key parameters.

The research work is devoted to the analysis of coatings, crack initiation and propagation, rheology of both first and third bodies (solids and fluids).

The “Friction, Wear and Solid Lubrication group” is particularly interested in “solid” third bodies whereas the “Lubrication Models and Lubricants” group ore specifically studies fluid third bodies from the hydrodynamic to the fractionated regime.

TMI thus offers a global approach, from fluid to solid third bodies, which enables it to appraise and investigate the full range of tribological industrial problems.