LaMCoS - Transversal activity -Numeric Calculation-

Managers :

Nicolas FILLOT , Anthony GRAVOUIL

Transversal activity contact :

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Présentation :

Transversal activity : Numeral calculation


Objective : creation of a Digital Mechanical workgroup (GT)


Carriers of the project : A. Gravouil, M. Renouf, A. Duval

Even if the project of moving is in position, the LaMCoS stays even today on two sites, cutting not favoring easily the scientific exchanges. It seems important to gather and to make the researchers interact being on the various sites the skills of which confirm each other. One of the themes which stands out in the first one is the numeral, thematic calculation which appears in the various teams under diverse shape (in term of methods, code of calculation) but sometimes confirms itself of a point of seen applicationn. The strong investment makes by the teams MSE and TMI also underlines the importance of the numeral calculation in the themes of researches and the need of the creation of a transverse workgroup on the theme of the digital mechanics is smelt.

The first objective of such a GT is to be a place of information and of exchange about the activities of digital simulations within the laboratory, having for first purpose to make share the information beyond the discussions of corridor.

The second objective consists in making a link enter the work of Arnaud Duval, recruited as engineer of research and the needs of research in present IT development in the teams. As such, the workgroup wants to allow to federate the mutualisables developments and to maintain these to assure them one certain sustainability.


Method vast finished elements : Anthony Gravouil, Thomas Elguedj, Julien Réthoré, Marie-Christine Baietto, Yves Renard


Methods for the élasto-hydro-dynamique : Ton Lubrecht, Nicolas Fillot


Algorithm of Contact : David Dureisseix, Yves Renard, Daniel Nélias, Anthony Gravouil, Marie-Christine Baietto, Arnaud Duval


Digital tribology : Daniel Nélias, Nicolas Fillot


Parallel calculation : Jérôme Bruyère, David Dureisseix, Anthony Gravouil


Methods multi-railings / decomposition of domains : Ton Lubrecht, Anthony Gravouil, David Dureisseix, Thouraya N.Baranger


Methods of digital integration at time : Anthony Gravouil, Sébastien Baguet


Inverse problems : Thouraya N.Baranger