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'Measurement' of pressure spike & lubricant rheology Mesoscopic approach for the forming of composite woven reinforcements (S. Gatouillat PhD) Pressure distribution between an oil control ring and a textured liner
Nonlinear vibrations of M/NEMS resonant sensors Distributed piezoelectric sensors for boundary forces measurements Cluster de calculs - 232 coeurs - 1To de RAM - Une grosse puissance de calculs
Adhesive contact Contact spalling Visco-elastic contact
Active control of embedded electronic cards Control of rotating machines with active magnetic bearing Numerical convergence analysis of Cauchy problem with noisy data solved by minimizing an energy-like functional
Boundary layer in an EHL contact Boundary layer in an EHL impact LaMCoS 's DataCenter
Diagnostic and monitoring of rotating parts in vehicles Heavy vehicle dynamics optimization Nonlinear dynamics of on-board structure equipped with elastomer mounts
Tensile test under fast thermal cycles for the determination of welding material behaviour laws Étude tribologique d'une interface boulonnée soumise à vibrations : microglissements et microdécollements mesurés par corrélations d'images Dynamic of tidal with vertical axe
Advanced Chebyshev expansion for identification on continuous structures Multiple impacts modelling for the prediction of residual stresses generated through ultrasonic shot peening Thermal and mechanical properties modeling of architectured materials
Heat Transfer Modeling in super insulating aerogel materials (cellulosic aerogel elaborated by Mines ParisTech - ANR Nanocel Habisol project) 3D discrete simulation of wear flow in dry contact Global dynamic of turbomachines
Mechanical modelling of fiber's weaving process (C. Florimond PhD thesis) Molecular Dynamics simulation of ZDDP effects on friction in nano-scale lubricated contacts  Numerical values (FEM) and experimental values (interferometry) of the lubricant film thickness (Trybogyr test rig)
Pressure perturbations due to an indent crossing a contact PromoGMD - Lego Robot Challenge Proto Insa Club – Eco Shell Marathon
Soft hybrid generators for energy scavenging Simulation of dynamic rupture of SPH shell (F. Caleyron PhD, ANR REPDYN) Simulation of the rolling of a tire on rough wet road through non intrusive coupling with transient fluid-structure interaction: ASPHODEL SPH fluid code and ASTER EXPLICITE structural code
X-FEM 3D dynamic crack propagation simulation under mixed modes I and III (David Grégoire and R. Pelée de St Maurice PhD) Efficient multigrid FE solver Monitoring of Rotating Machines in evolving and unstable environnement: Application to wind turbines
Textured cylinder-liner surface Sycodyn: Improving the quality and the reliability of a simulation in rotating machinery dynamics