Lionel MANIN

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Bureau : 324303X - Building S. Germain - 3ème

Research Team(s) :
Dynamics and Control of Structures (DCS) - 100%

Title : Associate Professor - INSA

Fields of expertise

  • Experimentation
  • Dynamics
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Mechanical Transmission
  • Vibration

Activities :

Belt drive dynamics :
Study and analysis of dynamic phenomena occurring in belt power transmission(automotive engine timing belt or accessories belt drive) : acyclism, rotational pulley vibrations, belt span vibrations, longitudinal/transverse vibration coupling, instabilities.
Modeling, Experiment, Stiffness and Damping characterization of components (damper pulley, belt). High precision measurement of pulley rotations, optical encoder, transmission error.

Non linear dynamics and hysteretic behavior
Non linear behaviour, parameter experimental identification of model like "restoring force". Stick/slip phenomena. Application : gearbox command cables, dampers of automotive cooling unit, Rock climbing rope and belaying material.

Know How :
Modelling, Experimentation, measurements and analysis, design of test bench

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